17.00 - Example: Column-Level Discretionary Access Control and Row-Level Security Audit Logging - Advanced SQL Engine - Teradata Database

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September 2020
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Suppose you want to audit any attempt by user TomSmith to insert a row into the emp_record table because such an attempt is a violation of the discretionary access control security policy at your site.

The request to do this auditing looks like this.

     ON EACH INSERT BY TomSmith 
     ON emp_record;

Suppose you would also like to know whenever a user attempts to insert a row that violates the row-level security policy for the target table, which is maintained by a row-level security constraint named group_membership.

You cannot execute DENIALS logging for DELETE, INSERT, SELECT, or UPDATE ... FOR CONSTRAINT requests. Denials as a result of insufficient security credentials to execute a DML request on an row-level security-protected table are not treated as an access denial.

If you attempt to execute a DML request, but do not have the required row-level security privilege, that request is considered to be a DENIAL.

For example, if you attempt to insert a value into a constraint column, you do not have a default session constraint value, and you do not do not have the OVERRIDE INSERT CONSTRAINT privilege on the table, that attempt would be considered a denial.

For example, Vantage generates an audit row if logging is enabled by the following request.

     FOR CONSTRAINT group_membership
     ON TABLE securedb.emp_record;