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September 2020
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The following example shows a possible report returned by HELP PROCEDURE when the data type of a parameter in the specified procedure is a UDT.

     HELP PROCEDURE udtblobset;
          Parameter Name b
                     Type UT
                  Comment ?
                 Nullable Y
                   Format ?
                    Title ?
               Max Length ?
     Decimal Total Digits ?
Decimal Fractional Digits ?
                Range Low ?
               Range High ?
                UpperCase N
              Table/View? P
            Default Value ?
                Char Type ?
           Parameter Type O
               IdCol Type ?
                 UDT Name CRPV_BLOB

If the procedure had been defined with an input parameter with the VARIANT_TYPE data type, then the UDT Name in the output would have been reported as VARIANT_TYPE.