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September 2020
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Programming Reference
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This example shows the standard report returned by HELP TYPE for a single-dimensional ARRAY.

Suppose you create the following ARRAY type.

     CREATE TYPE arrayvec AS
     INTEGER ARRAY[1000];

This type returns the following report to a HELP TYPE request.

     HELP TYPE arrayvec;
                    Name arrayvec
            Internal Type A1
            External Type CV
               Max Length         12,001
     Decimal Total Digits     ?
Decimal Fractional Digits     ?
             Contains LOB N
                 Ordering F
        Ordering Category M
         Ordering Routine LOCAL
                     Cast N
                Transform Y
                   Method Y
                Char Type  1
              Array (Y/N) Y
               Dimensions             1
             Element Type I
                 UDT Name ?
              Array Scope [1:1000]