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Example: Dropping User, DBQL Case

Suppose the following DBQL rules are in place.

  • Rule 1: ALL users, any account string, default logging only.
  • Rule 2: ALL users with account string 'finance', object logging.
  • Rule 3: user_1, account string 'marketing', step logging.
  • Rule 4: user_1, account string 'HR', default logging only.

You need to drop user_1. Before you can do so, you must first stop query logging explicitly for user 1 so you can remove Rules 3 and 4.

To do this, submit the following requests in the order indicated.

     END QUERY LOGGING ON user_1 ACCOUNT = ('marketing','HR');
     DROP USER user_1;

Example: Dropping User

This request drops user Jones.

     DROP USER Jones;