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Advanced SQL Engine
Teradata Database
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September 2020
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Programming Reference
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Changes the parameters for the specified profile.

Required Privileges

To use MODIFY PROFILE, you must have the DROP PROFILE privilege.

To modify a profile to assign a row-level security constraint to it, you must have the CONSTRAINT ASSIGNMENT privilege.

New users do not implicitly have the DROP PROFILE privilege. User DBC or a user who has the DROP PROFILE privilege WITH GRANT OPTION can grant this privilege to another user.

Usage Rules and Restrictions for MODIFY PROFILE

Any or all options can be changed using the same MODIFY request. Changes take effect at the next profile member logon after the profile definition is modified.

If an existing option is not changed by a MODIFY PROFILE request, the existing value for that option remains in effect.

If necessary, the system may slightly change the values defined for the PERM, SPOOL, or TEMPORARY space for a profile member to the next higher value that is an even multiple of the number of AMPs on the system.