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Teradata Vantage™ - SQL Data Manipulation Language

Advanced SQL Engine
Teradata Database
Release Number
January 2021
English (United States)
Last Update
ABORT [ abort_message ] [ FROM option ] [ WHERE abort_condition ]

Syntax Elements

Text of the message to be returned when the transaction is terminated.
If abort_message is not specified, the message defaults to “user-generated transaction ABORT”.
FROM option
A clause that is required only if the WHERE clause includes subqueries or if the request is preceded with a temporal qualifier.
You can code scalar subqueries as an expression within a derived table in FROM clause conditions in the same way you can specify them for a SELECT request.
See Scalar Subqueries and Rules for Using Scalar Subqueries in ABORT Statements. Note, however, that you cannot code a derived table as a scalar subquery.
The contents of the FROM option are described in FROM Clause.
WHERE abort_condition
A clause that introduces a conditional expression whose result must evaluate to TRUE if the transaction is to be rolled back. The expression can specify aggregate operations and scalar subqueries.
If the WHERE clause is omitted, termination is unconditional. See WHERE Clause.
If you specify the value for a row-level security constraint, it must be expressed in its encoded form.
The WHERE condition specifies an expression whose result must evaluate to TRUE if termination is to occur. If the result is FALSE, transaction processing continues.