16.20 - Usage Notes - Advanced SQL Engine - Teradata Database

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Advanced SQL Engine
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April 2020
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After you obtain the LOB locator for the distinct type, use the LOB access functions, such as FNC_LobOpen, to append data.

Predefined LOBs and distinct UDTs that represent LOBs behave the same way within UDFs, UDMs, and external stored procedures:

  • A LOB result value is empty with a length of zero unless you append data or explicitly set it to null by using the result indicator argument.
  • Setting the result indicator argument to -1 discards any data that was appended to the LOB result.
  • A distinct UDT that represents a LOB and is defined to be an INOUT parameter to an external stored procedure retains the input version if no data is appended to the LOB.