16.20 - FNC_TblOptOut - Advanced SQL Engine - Teradata Database

Teradata Vantage™ - SQL External Routine Programming

Advanced SQL Engine
Teradata Database
Release Number
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April 2020
Content Type
Programming Reference
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Called by a copy of a table function that does not want to participate in the process of returning rows.



Return Value

IF the call is … THEN FNC_TblOptOut returns …
successful 0.
not successful -1.

This can happen when a table function calls FNC_TblOptOut in the wrong mode or phase.

Valid Invocation Mode

Use this library function when the return value of FNC_GetPhase is TBL_MODE_CONST, indicating that the SELECT statement invoked the table function with constant expression input arguments.

For example:

FROM TABLE (table_function_1('STRING_CONSTANT'))
AS table_1;

Usage Notes

If every copy of the table function calls FNC_TblOptOut, then the step ends as if no rows are created and the result is an empty derived table.


This function can only be called from within a table function. Calling this function from a scalar function, aggregate function, UDM, or external stored procedure results in an exception on the transaction.

Calling this function is valid only when the table function calls FNC_GetPhase and gets a:
  • return value of TBL_MODE_CONST for the mode
  • value of TBL_PRE_INIT or TBL_INIT for the processing phase

A table function can call FNC_TblOptOut only once.

Example Using FNC_TblOptOut

FNC_Phase    Phase;

if (FNC_GetPhase(&Phase) == TBL_MODE_CONST)
      case TBL_PRE_INIT:

         switch (FNC_Tbl_FirstParticipant() )
            case 1:   /* participant */
            case 0:  /* not participant */
               if (FNC_TblOptOut()) 
                  strcpy(sqlstate, "U0006"); /* an error return */
            default:  /* -1 or other error */
               strcpy(sqlstate, "U0007");