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April 2020
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This section uses the name Teradata C/C++ UDF Debugger to refer to a version of GDB (the GNU Source-Level Debugger) that contains extensions for Teradata Database. The Teradata C/C++ UDF Debugger supports standard GDB commands and adds commands for debugging protected-mode external routines written in C or C++:
  • User-defined functions (UDFs): scalar, aggregate, table functions, and table operators
  • External stored procedures
  • User-defined methods (UDMs)

This document will use the term “UDFs” to refer collectively to UDFs, external stored procedures, and UDMs.

Online information about the GNU debugger, including the Teradata C/C++ UDF Debugger extensions is available from the Linux command line by typing info tdgdb.

Teradata also offers Eclipse (Studio) plug-in debuggers for C/C++ and Java. For more information on these debuggers, see Teradata Debugger for C/C++ UDF and Teradata Debugger for Java UDF.