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Teradata provides the following tools for you to use to back up and restore packages and package components, such as source and include files:
  • System stored procedures called savepkg and loadpkg, located in the SYSLIB database
  • A Microsoft Windows, CLIv2-based executable called lobteq from which you call the savepkg and loadpkg stored procedures
Additionally, Teradata provides the following system tables in the SYSLIB database for storing information for versioning, backing up, and restoring packages:
  • dem
  • demddl
  • dempart

The database maintains the system tables and updates the contents when you back up or restore packages or package components.

Before You Begin

Before you can back up or restore any packages or package components, verify that lobteq is available for you to use on your Windows client system and that the SYSLIB system database contains the savepkg and loadpkg stored procedures and dem, demddl, and dempart tables.

For details on how to do this, see Before You Begin.