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Advanced SQL Engine
Teradata Database
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July 2021
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Programming Reference
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Get the information on the base type or attribute types for a UDT or complex data type (CDT).


FNC_TblOpGetBaseInfo(FNC_TblOpColumnDef_t *colDefs,
                     UDT_BaseInfo_t       *baseInfo)

Syntax Elements

A pointer to a structure containing information about the column definitions of a stream passed or returned from a table operator. The size of this structure depends on the number of attributes in the table. This is an input parameter.
A pointer to an array of structures, with each entry containing the metadata needed to describe a UDT or CDT column. The size of this structure depends on the number of columns in the table. If the column is a structured UDT, either with or without attributes that are structured UDT, metadata about the attributes may be retrieved by a subsequent call to FNC_TblOpGetStructuredAttributeInfo.
This is an output parameter.

Usage Notes

This routine is only supported with table operators and enables a UDT or complex type to be passed as an input column or returned as an output column.

This routine supports the following UDTs and CDTs:
  • Distinct and structured UDTs
  • Geospatial types: ST_Geometry, MBR, MBB
  • JSON
  • Period types
  • XML
The base_* fields of the UDT_BaseInfo_t structure are not filled in for structured UDTs. Since structured UDTs may have many attributes and may also contain an arbitrary level of nesting, metadata about the attributes of a structured UDT is retrieved using FNC_TblOpGetStructuredAttributeInfo. The FNC_TblOpGetStructuredAttributeInfo routine returns an array of attribute_info_t structures corresponding to all of the attributes in the structured UDT.

For more information about the FNC_TblOpColumnDef_t and UDT_BaseInfo_t structures, see Table Operator Data Structures.