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Advanced SQL Engine
Teradata Database
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July 2021
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Programming Reference
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Communicates the output columns of an output stream to the parser.


FNC_TblOpSetOutputColDef(int                    streamno,
                         FNC_TblOpColumnDef_t  *coldefs);

Syntax Elements

the output stream number.
the columns definition.

For details about the FNC_TblOpColumnDef_t structure, see Table Operator Data Structures.

Usage Notes

If no contract function is specified, the parser sets the output columns as indicated by the RETURNS clause.

This function will error in the following cases:
  • If both the contract function and an explicit column definition list are specified.
  • The stream number is invalid.
  • coldefs include invalid data types, invalid character set, or coldef->length is invalid for the number of columns in coldef->num_columns.

Example Using FNC_TblOpSetOutputColDef

See C Table Operator for an example of how to use this function.