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Teradata Vantageā„¢ - SQL External Routine Programming

Advanced SQL Engine
Teradata Database
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July 2021
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Programming Reference
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Returns the actual size of the UDT in its serialized form.


FNC_UdtGetSerializeSize(UDT_HANDLE  udt)

Syntax Elements

the handle of the UDT.

Usage Notes

Use the size returned by this function to allocate the buffer that will hold the serialized or deserialized data in calls to FNC_UdtSerialize and FNC_UdtDeserialize.

The upper limit on the amount of memory that a UDF can allocate using FNC_malloc is specified by the MallocLimit field in the cufconfig utility. For more information about cufconfig, see Teradata Vantageā„¢ - Database Utilities, B035-1102.

The query will fail if the UDT does not support serialize/deserialize.