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July 2021
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Programming Reference
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This command displays information for the current watchpoints for the current thread. A thread can have up to four watched addresses. The watched locations directly reference the Intel debug x8664 registers. The locations are thread specific so they are not sensitive to the scope setting.


info watch

Example: Sample Results From the info watch Command

Here is an example of the info watch results:

Debug Registers:  (Single Step Trap)
  Hit RW SZ LG
0:  T  W  4  L 00002aaaac4a0964
1:     R  4  L 00002aaaac4a0950
2:     X  1    0000000000000000
3:     X  1    0000000000000000
Column Description
Hit T if watchpoint has hit, blank otherwise.
RW Mode specified for watchpoint—R, W, or X.

X indicates unused slot.

SZ Size of watchpoint location in bytes—1, 2, 4, or 8 bytes.

1 indicates unused slot.

LG L for local, G for global.

Always L.