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July 2021
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This command joins a UDF to a debugging session.


join sessno[/udfname] [ wait ]

Syntax Elements

The session number of the UDF to be debugged. This is typically taken from the output of a prior info udf command, but UDFs can be joined without a prior info udf command if the user already knows the number for the session to debug.
The name of a UDF waiting to be debugged. This is optional.
The optional wait parameter requests that this command not complete until there is at least one UDF available to debug.

Joining a session number without specifying udfname joins any UDF debugged by that session. Joining a specific udfname only joins that UDF.

Usage Notes

At least one UDF that matches the join criteria must be waiting to be debugged when the command is entered. However, once joined, all current and future instances of the named UDF (or all UDFs) from the specified session are caught by this debugging session.

Multiple join commands can be issued to debug multiple UDFs, or even multiple database sessions. Once something is joined, though, it can only be unjoined by terminating the debugger session. Anything joined to one debugger session cannot be joined to another one until you exit the first session.