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You can add up to eight GLOP mappings to a GLOP set. To add a mapping and GLOP data to a GLOP set, use the DBCExtension.GLOP_Add system stored procedure. Because the data that you add to a GLOP set must have a BLOB data type, consider using a UDF that generates the data and returns it as a BLOB type.

Here is an example that adds a system type GLOP mapping and data to the GLOP_Set_1001 GLOP set. A UDF called GLOP_System_Data generates the BLOB data.

CALL DBCExtension.GLOP_Add
   ('GLOP_Set_1001','SY', NULL, 'CompanyInfo',
    'N', 0, 'N', 'W', 'E', 0, -1, 1, GLOP_System_Data());

For details on the DBCExtension.GLOP_Add system stored procedure, see DBCExtension.GLOP_Add Stored Procedure.

For a complete example that creates a GLOP set and uses a UDF to generate the BLOB data for a GLOP mapping, see C Function Using GLOP Data.