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You can use GLOP data to solve a number of operational issues.

Here are some examples:
  • Consider an external routine that requires access to specific operational data. If the volume of data is large or if the data must be secure, passing the data as an argument is not practical. You could place the data in external files, but the cost of maintenance and computing resources is high, especially for a multiple node system or if simultaneous external routine invocations use the same data.

    Instead, you can use system stored procedures to manage GLOP data. The data is available on all nodes and is available to external routines that you configure to use it.

  • Suppose an external routine needs to access or change data differently depending on the user or role associated with the external routine invocation.

    The external routine can use GLOP data that is associated with a user or role, and the actual data the system makes available to the external routine is different depending on the current role or user associated with an external routine invocation.