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The DBCExtension database contains three system tables for managing GLOP data. The DBCExtension database and the tables are created by using the Database Initialization Program (DIP) utility and executing the DIPGLOP script.

Table Description
DBCExtension.GLOP_Map Contains possible GLOP mappings for a particular GLOP set.
DBCExtension.GLOP_Set Describes the GLOP set names and GLOP mapping types.
DBCExtension.GLOP_Data Describes the GLOP data to map for a particular GLOP mapping in a GLOP set.

You cannot access the tables directly. To access the tables, use the GLOP system stored procedures DBCExtension.GLOP_Add, DBCExtension.GLOP_Change, DBCExtension.GLOP_Remove, and DBCExtension.GLOP_Report.

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