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The list of parameters in a Java method for an external stored procedure includes the IN, OUT, and INOUT parameters that are specified when the external procedure appears in a CALL statement.

An external procedure can have 0 to 255 input/output parameters.

The Java data types that you use as input/output parameters map to SQL data types in the procedure definition (CREATE PROCEDURE or REPLACE PROCEDURE) and invocation (CALL).

A Java external procedure cannot have an ARRAY type parameter where the base type is a nested structured UDT.


public class class_name  {
  public static void method_name (
    [ input_parameter_specification [...] ]
type *input_parameter,

Syntax Elements

[Optional] Type and name of an input parameter in the CREATE PROCEDURE definition. Each input parameter in the definition must have a corresponding input_parameter_specification. The maximum number of input parameters is 128.
The type is a Java primitive or class that corresponds to the SQL data type of input_parameter.
The maximum number of input/output parameters is 255.