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Due to the complexity of installation, length of time and need for a Database restart, Teradata strongly recommends enlisting Teradata Customer Services to install the R Components and Packages. Please contact your Teradata representative to order this service.

After an R interpreter is installed on a Vantage system, R can be used to run R scripts through either the SCRIPT table operator or the ExecR table operator.

To use the ExecR table operator, in addition to the R interpreter, the following are required:
  • The udfGPL library
  • You must run the optional DIP script DipRTblOp to create the ExecR table operator, which is an alternative Vantage facility to run R scripts.

When the R interpreter is installed through a Change Control request with Customer Services, the process also includes the installation of the udfGPL library and activation of ExecR, and thus satisfies the above requirements.

If the R interpreter is installed by your system administrator on your system, follow the steps below to complete the tasks. A root user access and the database DBC user password on the Advanced SQL Engine nodes are required.