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You must install the R interpreter before installing the teradata-udfgpl package.

TDR is the R package interface between R and the Advanced SQL Engine. Both TDR and the udfGPL library are included in the teradata-udfgpl package. Each version of the TDBMS will have a compatible version of this package.

The ctl utility does not list this optional package. You must use PUT to install it separately. See Installing Packages Using PUT or the rpm Tool.

TDR is compiled and installed during a Advanced SQL Engine database version switch or installed during rpm installation if the running TDBMS matches the udfGPL version.

R table operators use the udfGPL secure server. The GPLUDFServerMemSize field in the cufconfig GDO (Globally Distributed Object) is used to limit the memory of the udfGPL server. This limit is set to 32 MB by default, but you can set the limit from 0 to 3.5 GB. To use the maximum available memory, set GPLUDFServerMemSize to 0.

For more information, see Configuring the udfGPL Server Memory Limit.