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July 2021
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Programming Reference
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Opens a LOB for reading. Returns a list to use to read the LOB. The list has two elements, contextID and LOBlen.


tdr.LobOpen_CL(locator,  start,  maxlength)

Syntax Elements

Parameter type: integer

The locator of the LOB stored in the table.

Parameter type: numeric

Start reading at this position in the LOB.

Parameter type: numeric

The maximum number of bytes to read.

Usage Notes

This function is valid only if called from the table operator.

An error is raised if the function is called from the contract function.

Example: Open a LOB for Reading

Consider an input table with 5 attributes: (int, int, int, int, clob). This example shows how to read the last attribute of the current row as follows:
  • Get the LOB locator
  • Open the LOB
  • Read the LOB
  • Close the LOB
# Open the input stream
inHandle <- tdr.Open("R", 0, 0);

# Get the 5th attribute in the current row (LOB locator)
att5 <- tdr.GetAttributeByNdx(inHandle, 4, NULL);

# Open the LOB for reading
inlob <- tdr.LobOpen_CL(att5,0,0);

# Read the LOB, convert it to character, and print it
string <- tdr.LobRead(inlob$contextID, inlob$LOBlen);

# Close the LOB