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July 2021
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Programming Reference
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Sets an attribute of the format for a specified stream.


tdr.SetFormat(  attribute,  streamno,  direction,  value  )

Syntax Elements

Parameter type: character

The format attribute to be set.

Currently, the only valid value for attribute is "RECFMT", which defines the input/output record format.

Parameter type: integer

The stream number.

Parameter type: character
Valid values are as follows:
  • "R" (input)
  • "W" (output)
Parameter type: integer

The new value for the format attribute.

The valid values are as follows:
  • 1 for IndicData with row separator sentinels
  • 2 for IndicData with no row or partition separator sentinels

Usage Notes

This function is valid only if called from the contract function.

An error is raised if this function is called from the table operator.

Example: Set the Record Format of an Input Stream

The following statement sets the record format of input stream 0 to IndicData with row separator sentinels:

tdr.SetFormat("RECFMT", 0, "R", 1);