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July 2021
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Programming Reference
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Sets the HASH BY specification for a specified input stream.


tdr.SetHashByDef(  streamno,  hashbydef  )

Syntax Elements

Parameter type: integer

The input stream number.

Parameter type: list

A vector of column names.

Usage Notes

This function is valid only if called from the contract function.

The function must run on a PE-only node.

An error is raised in the following situations:
  • The function is called from the table operator.
  • The HASH BY metadata was already set.

Example: Set the HASH BY Specification for an Input Stream

The following statement sets the HASH BY metadata for input stream 0 with the specification that the columns in the HASH BY clause are col1 and col3.

hashbydef <- c("col1", "col3");
tdr.SetHashByDef( 0, hashbydef );