17.10 - Order of Evaluation - Advanced SQL Engine - Teradata Database

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July 2021
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The following table lists the precedence of operations in arithmetic expressions.

Precedence Operation
Highest + operand   (unary plus)

- operand    (unary minus)

Intermediate operand ** operand     (exponentiation)
operand * operand     (multiplication)

operand / operand     (division)

operand MOD operand     (modulo operator)

operand + operand    (addition)

operand - operand    (subtraction)

In general, the order of evaluation is:

  1. Operations enclosed in parentheses are performed first.
  2. When no parentheses are present, operations are performed in order of precedence.
  3. Operators of the same precedence are evaluated from left to right.

The Optimizer may reorder evaluations based on associative and commutative properties of the operations involved.