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Advanced SQL Engine
Teradata Database
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July 2021
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Programming Reference
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[TD_SYSFNLIB.] SHIFTRIGHT ( target_arg, num_bits_arg )

Syntax Elements

Name of the database where the function is located.
A numeric or variable byte expression.
An integer expression indicating the number of bit positions to shift.
IF... THEN the function...
num_bits_arg is equal to zero returns target_arg unchanged.
num_bits_arg is negative shifts the bits to the left instead of the right.
target_arg and/or num_bits_arg are NULL returns NULL.
num_bits_arg is larger than the size of target_arg returns an error.

The scope of the shift operation is bounded by the size of the target_arg expression. Specifying a shift that is outside the range of target_arg results in an SQL error.

When operating against an integer value (BYTEINT, SMALLINT, INTEGER, or BIGINT), shifting a bit out of the most significant position will result in the integer becoming negative. This is because all integers in Vantage are signed integers.