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July 2021
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Programming Reference
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{ CURRENT_TIME | CURTIME () } [ ( fractional_precision ) ]
  [ AT { LOCAL | [ TIME ZONE ] { expression | time_zone_string } } ]

Syntax Elements

A precision range for the returned value. The valid range is 0 through 6. The default is 0.
The value returned is constructed from the session time and session time zone if the DBS Control flag TimeDateWZControl is enabled.
If TimeDateWZControl is disabled, the value returned is constructed from the time value local to Vantage and the session time zone.
AT [TIME ZONE] expression

Use the time zone displacement defined by expression.

The data type of expression should be INTERVAL HOUR(2) TO MINUTE or it must be a data type that can be implicitly converted to INTERVAL HOUR(2) TO MINUTE.

AT [TIME ZONE] time_zone_string
time_zone_string determines the time zone displacement.