17.10 - Example - Advanced SQL Engine - Teradata Database

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Advanced SQL Engine
Teradata Database
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July 2021
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Programming Reference
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To find the internal hexadecimal representation of all table names, submit the following SELECT statement using CHAR2HEXINT.

   SELECT CHAR2HEXINT(TRIM(t.tablename))(FORMAT 'X(30)')
   (TITLE 'Internal Hex Representation of TableName')
   ,t.tablename (TITLE 'TableName')
   FROM dbc.tables T
   WHERE t.tablekind = 'T'
   ORDER BY t.tablename;

Partial output from this SELECT statement is similar to the following report:

   Internal Hex Representation of TableName   TableName
   ----------------------------------------   ----------------
   416363657373526967687473                    AccessRights
   4163634C6F6752756C6554626C                  AccLogRuleTbl
   4163634C6F6754626C                          AccLogTbl
   4163636F756E7473                            Accounts
   4163637467                                  Acctg 
   416C6C                                      All
   436F70496E666F54626C                        CopInfoTbl