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July 2021
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Programming Reference
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When using TRANSLATE_CHK to verify UNICODE normalization form translations, any valid Unicode string can be translated to any of the normalization forms. A successful result (0) is expected unless the compatibility ideographs U+FA6C, U+FACF, U+FAD0, U+FAD1, U+FAD5, U+FAD6, or U+FAD7 are present, because these characters normalize outside the BMP, that is, outside the range U+10000 to U+10FFF.

For all normalization forms, these characters normalize as follows:

Ideograph Normalized Form
U+FA6C U+242EE
U+FACF, U+2284A
U+FAD0 U+22844
U+FAD1 U+233D5
U+FAD5 U+25249
U+FAD6 U+25CD0
U+FAD7 U+27ED3