16.20 - Changes and Additions - Advanced SQL Engine - Teradata Database

Teradata Vantage™ - SQL Functions, Expressions, and Predicates

Advanced SQL Engine
Teradata Database
Release Number
March 2019
English (United States)
Last Update
Date Description
March 2019
  • Added the elastic TCore functions GetSystemTCore and SetSystemTCore, table functions that let you see and set the TCore value of a system.
  • Corrected the syntax diagrams and text and added examples for the HASHAMP and HASHBAKAMP functions.
  • Clarified that the regular expression (REGEXP) function x match option ignores whitespace characters in the pattern/regexp_string.
  • Explained that REGEXP functions provide the wrong result for case-insensitive matching when characters are 128 bits or more. This limitation affects characters in the Greek and Cyrillic alphabets.
  • Described a REGEXP_REPLACE function limitation. The function cannot handle a NULL inside a concatenated input string.
  • Corrected what the O_TRANSLATE function returns when the to_string is empty or NULL.
April 2018
  • Updated PIVOT:
    • Added wide examples.
    • Described the enhanced syntax that supports the aggregation of PIVOT results.
    • Added information on subquery support in PIVOT IN-list, which supports returning multiple values.
  • Added new scalar functions that support ODBC:
    • CONCAT
    • MOD
    • LOCATE
    • NOW
    • UCASE
  • Modified the following scalar functions to support ODBC: LENGTH, LTRIM, RTRIM, and SUBSTRING/SUBSTR.
November 2017
  • Added information to Nesting Aggregates and added Time Series Aggregate Functions Overview.
  • Updated PIVOT Usage Notes to describe the UNPIVOT or TD_UNPIVOT function as a source for PIVOT.
  • Updated the following functions to include Time Series information: AVG, COUNT, KURTOSIS, MAX, MIN, MAX, RANK (ANSI), SKEW, STDDEV_POP, STDDEV_SAMP, SUM, VAR_POP, VAR_SAMP.