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The SQLRestrictedWords view lists all restricted words for the current database release.

SQLRestrictedWords is created in the SYSLIB database by the DIPDEM script, which is run automatically by the DIP utility when Advanced SQL Engine is installed.

The view contains these columns:

Column Name Description
restricted_word The restricted word.
category These words are likely to be used as database keywords in the future. Like reserved words, future reserved words cannot be used as identifiers.
One of the following characters that represents the category of the Teradata-restricted word:
  • R: a Teradata-reserved word
  • F: a Teradata future reserved word
  • N: a Teradata-nonreserved word

Usage Notes

Queries of SQLRestrictedWords are case-specific.

Example: Getting the Restricted Words for the Current Release

This query returns the restricted words for the current database release. Because it returns all columns from the view, it includes the Teradata and ANSI categories for the words.

A portion of the output is shown below.


restricted_word                 category  ANSI_restricted
------------------------------  --------  ---------------
ABORT                           R         T
ABORTSESSION                    R         T
ABS                             R         R
ACCESS_LOCK                     R         T
...                             ...       ...

Example: Getting Nonreserved Words that are ANSI Reserved Words

The following query returns the nonreserved words for the current database release that are ANSI-reserved words. A portion of the output is shown below.

This result is useful because Teradata does not recommend using nonreserved words as identifiers if these words are reserved words in the ANSI standard. These words may become reserved words in the future.
SELECT restricted_word
FROM SYSLIB.SQLRestrictedWords
WHERE category=’N’ AND ANSI_restricted=’R’;


Related Information

To retrieve or query Teradata SQL restricted words from database releases other than the current release, see SQLRestrictedWords_TBF Function.