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The SQL Data Control Language (DCL) is a subset of the SQL language and consists of all SQL statements that support the definition of security authorization for accessing database objects.

Data control statements perform the following functions:
  • Grant and revoke privileges
  • Give ownership of a database to another user

Rules on Entering DCL Statements

A data control statement can be entered as:
  • A single-statement request
  • The solitary statement, or as the last statement, in an “explicit transaction” (one or more requests enclosed by user-supplied BEGIN TRANSACTION and END TRANSACTION statement in Teradata mode, or in ANSI mode, one or more requests ending with the COMMIT keyword).
  • The solitary statement in a macro

A data control statement cannot be entered as part of a multistatement request.

Successful execution of a data control statement automatically creates and updates entries in the Data Dictionary.

Teradata SQL DCL Statements

For detailed information about the function, syntax, and usage of Teradata SQL Data Control statements, see Teradata Vantage™ - SQL Data Control Language, B035-1149.