16.20 - Differences Between the tdheatmap Function, Macro and View - Advanced SQL Engine - Teradata Database

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April 2020
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There are differences between invoking the tdheatmap function, macro, or creating a view. The following table describes the differences to help you choose which method to use.

  Table function tdheatmap Macro tdheatmap_m View tdheatmap_v
Ensures that the heatmap report is always taken from the same AMP.     X
Ability to check heatmap report on different amps if any skew is suspected. X X  
Ability to select only particular columns to display. X   X
Use of ‘StartTableIdUniq’ to join to DBC.TVM.TVMID so as to get English name of the objects. This is required because the operator does not output English description of database and table names, and you must write an additional query to obtain this. X X X
Ability to specify the names of database objects to limit the scope of the heatmap report to generate. X   X