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July 2021
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The MiniCylPacks report is based on event codes 034-05141-00, 034-05142-00, and 034-05143-00.

You can use the ListErrorCodes macro to get a brief description of these events. For a detailed description, see the information about database messages in Teradata Vantageā„¢ - Database Messages, B035-1096.

This macro is useful to determine whether MiniCylPacks were done successfully, and whether they were performed in anticipation of their use or while there were other tasks waiting. This information is determined based on the specific event code, as follows:

Event Code Description
5141 Indicates an anticipated, successful freeing of cylinders.
5142 Indicates a successful freeing of cylinders, but caused other tasks to wait.
5143 Indicates no success at freeing cylinders, and that the event caused other tasks to wait.
These event codes can also be viewed in the ListErrorCodes report (see ListErrorCodes).