17.10 - Example: Creating a Sequenced View on a Temporal Table - Advanced SQL Engine - Teradata Database

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July 2021
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Programming Reference
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The following statement creates a sequenced view on the Policy table. The result of the sequenced query is a valid-time table or, in this case, view. The valid-time period for each row in the view is stored in a new column that is automatically appended by the system. The valid-time for each row in the view is the overlap of the valid-time period of the row in the original temporal table with the valid time of the sequenced query. In this case, because a time period is not specified in the sequenced query, the period for the query defaults to (0001-01-01, UNTIL_CHANGED), and the valid-time periods in the view will match those for the original rows.

Because names for the view columns are not specified in the CREATE VIEW statement, the system assigns the new valid-time column the name VALIDTIME.

   CREATE VIEW Basic_Auto_Policy_V AS
   SELECT Policy_ID, Customer_ID
   FROM Policy
   WHERE Policy_Type = 'AU';