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March 2019
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Teradata Database offers several interfaces from which the utilities may be started and run.

Interface Description
Database Window (DBW) DBW is a graphical tool that connects to the Teradata Database console subsystem (CNS). CNS provides console services to utility programs that operate on the database level of Teradata Database. Console utilities should be started from DBW.
Operators must be members of the tdtrusted user group to run console utilities, or must be logged in as root. Non-tdtrused users may be explicitly granted access to the console using the CNS GRANT command. For more information on the GRANT command, see the Database Window utility documentation in Teradata Vantage™ - Database Utilities , B035-1102 .

For low bandwidth connections, command-line interfaces to CNS are available, such as cnsterm and cnstool. Online documentation is available for cnsterm and cnstool in the form of Linux man pages.

A subset of the console utilities can be run from the Remote Console portlet of Teradata Viewpoint. For more information, see Teradata® Viewpoint User Guide, B035-2206.

Linux command line Utilities that run directly from the command line are primarily those that operate on the PDE level of Teradata Database.

Titles of sections in Teradata Vantage™ - Database Utilities , B035-1102 that describe specific utilities reflect the utility common name followed by the name of the executable utility program enclosed in parentheses. For example, "Control GDO Editor (ctl)". Use the executable program name, in this example, ctl, to start the utility from the command line or Database Window.

Not all utilities support all available user interfaces. For a listing of supported user interfaces for a utility, see the documentation for that utility.

When started, some utilities present their own interactive command-line or graphical user interfaces. These utilities allow browsing and entering information, and continue running until they are explicitly stopped. Many utilities that present their own command environment are stopped by entering the QUIT command.

Some utilities that run from DBW can be stopped by issuing the stop window_number command from the DBW Supervisor window, where window_number is the numeric identifier of the DBW application window in which the utility is running. For more information on DBW, see "Database Window (xdbw)" in Teradata Vantage™ - Database Utilities , B035-1102 .