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March 2019
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Most Teradata tools and utilities support PTI tables as they support non-PTI tables, with the following exceptions:

Load and Unload Utilities

  • Teradata MultiLoad cannot be used to load PTI tables.
  • Teradata Parallel Transporter, Teradata FastLoad, Teradata FastExport, and Teradata TPump support loading data to, and unloading data from PTI tables.
    • To load data using an INSERT statement, follow the same rules used for MERGE WHEN NOT MATCH INSERT (see MERGE).
    • For a single row update/insert on a PTI table, follow the UPDATE (Upsert Form) guidelines.
    The TD_TIMEBUCKET column is automatically generated and managed by Teradata Database as necessary for PTI tables. It is invisible to users and DML. Therefore, never attempt to load or insert data that includes values for the TD_TIMEBUCKET column of a PTI table.

Archive and Restore

You can use ARC and DSA to archive, restore, and copy PTI tables. If a PTI table is copied or restored from one system to another, use ALTER TABLE REVALIDATE to revalidate the PTI tables after restoring.