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August 2022
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Your Cloud Administrator may enforce stricter policies on your Amazon S3 bucket for requests originating from external sources, such as the Vantage Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

To grant Vantage access to your Amazon S3 bucket, your Cloud Administrator generates a code snippet to append to your existing Amazon S3 bucket policy.

See the AWS documentation for instructions on how to create an Amazon S3 bucket policy. For best performance, create your Amazon S3 bucket in the same region as the SQL Engine (us-west1 or us-west2). If you are loading a lot of data and your Amazon S3 bucket is not in the same region, performance may be affected because of network latency.
Important: If you read or write data to an external object store without the proper access to your Amazon S3 bucket, you get the following error in Editor: Could not get the AUTHORIZATION Clause custom key (7810). Contact your Cloud Administrator or perform the following procedure to grant access.
If you use NOS to run the featured use cases, there is no need to grant access because Teradata manages the Amazon S3 bucket.