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July 2021
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An ARM is a time-based flow rate rule. These are ARM rule attributes:

Attributes Description
Time Unit Time period for request rate (second, minute, hour).
Limit Maximum request rate per time unit (3 requests per minute).
Qualify Time Number of seconds that the current ARM rate must continuously remain at or above the limit before action is taken. A zero value means action is immediately taken as soon as the limit is reached.
Qualification Common classification criteria (Request Source, Query Characteristics, Target, and Query Band) can be specified to target specific types of requests (user, application, table scans, processing time, and so on).
Action Rule action performed when Limit and Qualify Time conditions are met. Actions include Delay, Reject, and Logging (warning mode).

Limit, Reject, and Delay action attributes are state-dependent values.

Logging (warning mode) is similar to that of Filters. See Warning Mode.

For more information, see Teradata Vantage™ - Application Programming Reference, B035-1090 and Teradata Viewpoint Workload Designer in Teradata® Viewpoint User Guide, B035-2206.