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Utility session rules specify the number of sessions that a utility job can use. You might want to create custom utility session rules for different request sources, such as applications, users, and profiles.

To create utility session rules, in the Workload Designer portlet access the Utility Sessions tab from the Sessions view. Utility session rules override the minimum and maximum session limits in scripts (the MINSESS and MAXSESS parameters). For non-conforming utilities, utility session rules override only the maximum session limits.

Data Stream Architecture (DSA) does not use utility sessions. Use the Workload Designer portlet to specify the number of build processes to be used for a DSA job.

When you specify the utilities to which the rule applies, you indicate the following:
  • Utility name
  • Number of sessions (which cannot exceed the displayed default system limit)
  • Optional qualification criteria:
    • Request source
    • Query band