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July 2021
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XML documents declare their encoding in the XML declaration. The XML type implementation parses and stores XML in the database with the character data encoded in UTF-8 encoding. XML documents transferred from the client to the server using the text format are expected to be encoded in UTF-8. The encoding specified in the XML declaration is ignored by the XML type implementation on the server side in this case. Similarly, XML type values transferred from server to client in the text format are encoded in UTF-8.

Xerces supports the following encodings out of the box.
  • UTF-8
  • UTF-16 (big/little endian)
  • UCS4 (big/little endian)
  • EBCDIC code pages IBM037, IBM1047 and IBM1140
  • ISO-8859-1 (Latin1)
  • Windows-1252
In the base case, documents can always be loaded and returned as the following:
  • XML type because UTF-8 is supported out of the box by Xerces
  • VARCHAR/CLOB because the transcoding to UTF-8/16 is handled by the DBS

Documents loaded as BLOBs can only be in the supported encodings.