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This section describes the XML shredding and publishing process and the stored procedures that provide this functionality:
  • XML publishing stored procedures allow you to publish the results of an SQL query in XML format:
  • XML shredding stored procedures load XML documents into relational tables:
    • The AS_SHRED_BATCH stored procedure provides streamed shredding functionality with the mapping provided as an annotated schema.
    • The XSLT_SHRED and XSLT_SHRED_BATCH stored procedures provide shredding functionality with the mapping provided as an XSLT stylesheet. XSLT_SHRED is used for single XML document shredding and XSLT_SHRED_BATCH is used to shred multiple XML documents. In comparison to streamed shredding, the XSLT-based shredding procedures load the document being shredded into memory. While this requires more memory, it makes shredding more flexible.