Configuring Teradata Data Mover: Quick Deployment - Teradata Software for AWS

Teradata Vantage™ on AWS (DIY) Quick Deployment Guide

Teradata Vantage on AWS
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November 2018
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Although you can configure this software yourself, we recommend contacting Teradata instead. See
If you did not deploy the software using quick deployment, see the Teradata® Software for AWS Installation and Administration Guide.

The time zone for the Teradata Data Mover instance defaults to the time zone of the AWS availability zone.

  1. From the AWS Web Console, note the Private IP and either the Public IP or Public DNS of the Data Mover instance.
  2. From the SSH client console, log on to the Data Mover master instance as ec2-user using the applicable AWS key pair.
    # ssh -i  private-key-file.pem  ec2-user@data-mover-public-IP  or  data-mover-public-DNS
  3. Switch to the root user environment.
    # sudo su -
  4. Check the database status.
    # pdestate -a
    PDE state is RUN/STARTED. DBS state is 4: Logons are enabled - Users are logged on The Data Mover components automatically start after the Teradata Database repository starts.
  5. If Teradata is used as a source and target system for data movement, add the COP entries with private IP addresses to one of the following:
    • /etc/hosts file on all Data Mover instances including each additional Data Mover agent instance
    • DNS
    The TDPIDs can be used in the Data Mover job XML for data movement.