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Teradata Vantageā„¢ on AWS (DIY) Quick Deployment Guide

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Although you can configure this software yourself, we recommend contacting Teradata instead. See

You must configure the BAR portlets if you plan to use Teradata Viewpoint for data backup.

  1. From the AWS Web Console, note the Private IP of the DSC instance and either the Public IP or Public DNS of the Viewpoint instance.
  2. From your browser, go to the Viewpoint portal logon screen: http://VP-instance-public-DNS-or-IP
  3. Log on to the Teradata Viewpoint portal using administrator credentials.
  4. Enable or add an additional DSC server.
    1. Open the BAR Setup portlet.
    2. Next to DSC, click .
    3. In General System Details, enter the Broker IP/Host. This is the host name or IP address of the machine running the ActiveMQ broker, usually the DSC server. Enter the private IP of the DSC server.
    4. Enter the Broker Port. This is the port number on the server where the ActiveMQ broker is listening (61616 for tcp, 61617 for ssl). Default: 61616
    5. Enter the Broker Connectivity Type of the ActiveMQ connection (tcp or ssl). The default is tcp.
  5. Click Enable DSC server.
  6. Under DSC Servers, select the server you enabled.
    1. Click Discover Servers, then select the DSC Server Name from the list.
  7. Click Apply.