Deploying a Teradata Software Ecosystem - Teradata Software for AWS

Teradata Vantage™ on AWS (DIY) Quick Deployment Guide

Teradata Vantage on AWS
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November 2018
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Use the Planning Worksheet for a Teradata Software Ecosystem to prepare details of the deployment.
You cannot launch a Teradata ecosystem directly from the AWS Marketplace.

This document covers only hourly (on-demand) deployments with Teradata IntelliSphere or Teradata Database Developer tier. To deploy with any other method, see the Teradata® Software for AWS Installation and Administration Guide.

  1. Subscribe to Teradata Software.
  2. From, select one of the launch links.
    License Tier Link Text
    Base, Advanced, Enterprise Launch with IntelliSphere
    Developer Launch
    The Select Template page appears and the template URL is automatically specified under Choose a template.
  3. In the upper-right of the console, select a Region.
  4. Click Next, then type a unique stack name.
  5. Under Parameters, specify the values you chose in the planning worksheet, then click Next.
  6. [Optional] Under Tags, specify up to 10 unique key-value pairs for resources in your stack.
  7. [Optional] Under Advanced, set additional options for your stack, then click Next. If you want the ability to troubleshoot failures, change the Rollback on failure setting to Yes.
  8. On the Review page, select the I acknowledge check box.
  9. Click Create. This process can take several minutes up to an hour, depending on your configuration.
    Trying to SSH into the instance may cause the creation of the stack to fail. Do not try to SSH into the instance until either CREATE_COMPLETE displays in the Status column or you receive a failure notification.
  10. [Optional] To monitor the stack creation progress, do the following:
    1. From the AWS CloudFormation console, ensure CREATE_IN_PROGRESS displays in the Status column.
    2. After the stack is created, ensure CREATE_COMPLETE displays in the Status column.
    3. From the AWS EC2 Console, click Instances in the left column and ensure your instances are listed under the Name column. The name appears as the stack name followed by the node name.
  11. [Optional] To SSH into the system with the public IP/DNS of any of the nodes, type the following command:
    # ssh -i  private-key-file.pem  ec2-user@instance-DNS-name-or-IP
Teradata Database is ready and started. You do not need to run tdc-init or tdc-start.
Configure Teradata Database and supporting software. See After Deploying the Software.