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Teradata Vantage on AWS
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June 2020
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PrerequisiteTo create an incident, you must be assigned to the Site Super Admin or Site Admin role. See Managing Users.
  1. Log in to the Console at, then select Support Tickets in the left pane.
  2. Select CREATE TICKET, then select Report a Problem/Open an Incident.
  3. Select an Impact and Urgency to identify the incident severity:
    Severity Impact Urgency Definition
    1 Critical High Mission-critical production system is down, corrupted, or severely degraded or unusable and requires immediate attention to return the system to service.
    If you submit an S1 incident, you must agree to allow Teradata to contact appropriate escalation personnel. If the appropriate personnel are not available, Teradata changes the incident from S1 to S2 and responds accordingly.
    2 Significant High Production system is up and operational, but the incident has severe, ongoing, daily impact to operations; a non-mission critical system is down and requires expedited engagement and urgent resolution.
    3 Critical Medium Incident has medium impact to operations; resolution efforts can occur over the next several days.
    Significant Medium
    Minor High
    4 Significant Low Incident has low or no impact to operations; resolution efforts can occur over the next several weeks.
  4. Select the impacted database site and briefly describe the problem.
After you submit your request, Teradata responds according to the severity level.