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Teradata Vantage on AWS
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June 2020
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  • To manage existing users, you must be assigned to the Site Super Admin or Site Access Manager role.
  • To add a new user requires approval from a Site Access Manager.
Initially your user role in the Console is set automatically according to your account type in the Service Portal. Use this table to determine the relationships between the user roles.
Service Portal User Role Console User Role Console Access Level
Service Owner Site Super Admin Full create, read, update, and delete access including user management permissions
Security Manager Site Access Manager Permissions for user management but read-only access to other features
Access Manager
Technical Contact Site Admin Full create, read, update, and delete access but cannot perform user management activities
Support Contact (Default) Read-Only Site Admin (Default) Read-only access and cannot perform user management activities
  1. Log in to the Console at and select Users in the left pane.
  2. Add or disable a user, or change a user's role.