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May 2021
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Logical I/O consumed by the following functions are excluded from the calculation of Vantage Units:
  • Consumption collector queries by the consumption service (by vcmuser) and activities by system users
  • Movement of usage data from DBC/DBQL to PDCR
  • SQL usage by the PDCR Admin in the Performance Data Collection Portlet
  • MultiLoad and Teradata Parallel Transporter utility-based load jobs
  • User-initiated queries that fail to complete successfully due to the following internal database errors:
    • 2631: Request aborted by the system
    • 2646: No more spool space
    • 3610: Request created a general error
    • 3702, 3710, 3711: Not enough memory available
    • 5405, 7453: An interval was calculated that was too large
    • 7487: Request created a general error
    • 7583: Running a stored procedure ran out of needed resources
    • 7596: An object is unavailable for use because it is being backed up
    • 9124: Request created a general error
    • 9990: Request completed but it is too large for the client software

    See Teradata Vantageā„¢ - Database Messages, B035-1096.