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Teradata Vantage™ on Azure (DIY) Installation and Administration Guide

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Vantage on Azure (DIY) offers many database features including, but not limited to, those listed in this topic. Not all features listed here are included in all Vantage license tiers. Although the package is included, you still need to install and configure the Vantage image.

The following terms are used in the following table:
  • Automatic indicates you do not have to install or configure the feature and can begin using it after deploying Vantage.
  • Manual indicates you must install and configure the feature using the Vantage documentation, similar to an on-premises system.

The following table does not include Vantage features that are enabled by default and are automatically installed and configured, such as Fallback.

Database Feature Description Enabled by Default Installation and Configuration Documentation
Native Object Store

(Read & Write)

Native Object Store (NOS) is a Vantage capability that enables Business Analysts, System Administrators, and Database Administrators to perform read-only searches and query CSV, JSON, and Parquet format datasets located on external S3-compatible object storage platforms using standard Teradata SQL and APIs. Yes Automatic Native Obect Store

Getting Started Guide
Telemetry Collection Agent (TCA) TCA helps align feature usage and session concurrency with resource consumption. It provides historical reusage data for analysis and diagnosis of system issues No Manual TCA
Advance Analytics Library Vantage Analytics Library provides the Data Scientist with over 50 advanced analytic functions built directly in the Advanced SQL Engine. These functions support the entire data science process— exploratory data analysis, data preparation and feature engineering, hypothesis testing, statistical and machine learning model building, and scoring. Yes Automatic Vantage Analytics User Guide
Support for existing Proxy A proxy server provides a gateway between servers and the internet. If customers want to configure proxy-server settings for Vantage site, then it can be done while deploying Vantage site using solution template. After you configure proxy-server in Vantage ecosystem, all nodes running in the system will access internet through your proxy-server. No Customer Managed Proxy Server
Block-Level Compression Stores data blocks in compressed format to save storage space and improve performance. Yes for premium storage. Automatic for premium storage.
  • Teradata® Database
No for local storage. Manual for local storage (not recommended).
Columnar Provides the ability to partition a table or join index by column. Yes Automatic; must be configured.
  • Teradata® Database Design
Intelligent Memory

[Advanced, Enterprise tiers only]

Speeds query performance and maximizes system memory by ensuring the most frequently used data is kept in memory. No1 Automatic
  • Teradata® Database Release Summary for Teradata Database 17.10
  • Teradata Vantage™ - Database Utilities
  • Teradata® Intelligent Memory Orange Book2
Row-Level Security Allows you to restrict data access by row. No1


  • Teradata® Database Release Summary for Teradata Database 17.0
  • Teradata Vantage™ - Advanced SQL Engine Security Administration
Secure Zones Provides grouping of user and database hierarchies into separate database partitions with restriction of user access to one or more zones. No1


  • Teradata® Database Release Summary for Teradata Database 17.10
  • Teradata Vantage™ - Advanced SQL Engine Security Administration
Temporal Provides built-in capabilities that are required in a temporal database management system. No1 Manual Teradata Vantage™ - Temporal Table Support
1Can enable when deploying Vantage

2To find an Orange Book, go to, log in, and search for the book title.