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Teradata Vantageā„¢ on Azure (DIY) Installation and Administration Guide

Teradata Vantage on Azure
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March 2021
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When using Azure Blob storage to back up and restore data, you must add and configure the Azure Blob account using the BAR Setup portlet.

For optimal performance, configure 4 Blob containers per media server with 6 storage units each.

  1. Under DSC Servers, select your DSC server.
  2. Under Categories, select Backup Solutions.
  3. From the Solutions list, click Azure Blob Storage.
  4. Click "" next to Accounts.
  5. From the Azure Blob Storage Details screen, configure the following:
    Option Description
    Storage Account Storage account name from Azure
    Account Key Account Key from Azure
    Blob Type Cool or Hot. Default: Cool
    Specialized Endpoint Leave blank.
    This field is only for National Clouds, which have sovereign endpoints. If you are in one of these national clouds, set the specialized endpoint entry as shown (the leading '.' is required).
    Azure API Endpoint Region Entry
    Azure US Government
    Azure Germany
    Azure China

    For additional sovereign endpoints, check the Blob storage documentation for your national cloud.

    Blob Container Container name from Azure. The first 3 characters must be unique for each container.
    Prefix Alphanumeric, followed by / to be used as a folder
    Storage Units Maximum number of files you can write. Maximum of 3 numbers, range between 1-999
  6. Click Apply.